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Brooks Tactical Systems

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Since 1993 Brooks Tactical Systems has been making the revolutionary gripping product called AGrip, a special, adhesive backed, fibrous hybrid material ideal for custom fit, wrap around, non-slip, gripping needs.

AGrip is super soft, nonabrasive, and incredibly durable. AGrip works even better with wet or sweaty hands. Yes, AGrip works wet, and it even works with oil on your hands.

AGrip is specifically designed for serious law enforcement, tactical, combat, and personal defense purposes. AGrip also has significant advantages in hunting, competition shooting, and sports like tennis. AGrip’s rich black color also absorbs light making it incredibly camouflage. AGrip is available in other colors and camo patterns as well. AGrip can be used on handguns, rifles, shotguns, bows, knives, flashlights, batons, sports equipment, binoculars, cameras, tools, and more.

AGrip is ruggedly engineered to be durable and excel in adverse conditions and climates, especially those that are extremely hot, humid, sweaty, dirty, wet, or freezing. AGrip’s useful life is indefinite. Properly maintained, AGrip might outlast your gun!

Due to AGrip's advanced design, engineering, and performance, AGrip is fast becoming known as the world standard by which all other grips are compared. AGrip is currently used by law enforcement personnel, tactical teams, military personnel, competition shooters, as well as for personal defense and recreational shooters. AGrip outperforms all other grip surfaces. AGrip insulates against burns from heat or cold, deadens noise, eliminates reflections, and absorbs shocks.

AGrip is currently the ideal grip of choice for the new wave of polymer design pistol frames. AGrip also works great over metal, wood, rubber, or foam.

AGrip can be used alone or with any other grip on the market. AGrip can also be used to enclose a remote laser/light switch and wires providing protection and making wires snag free.

AGrip is the leading grip of choice for those serious about performance.

AGrip improves accuracy and enables quicker handling and follow-up shots by allowing you to use less strength to hold on strong. AGrip prevents your gun from “walking” in your hand during firing. AGrip helps to control heavy repetitive recoil and shock, thereby reducing hand fatigue and associated shaking. AGrip even helps reduce repetitive stress related injuries.

As for AGrip’s thickness, one happy Agrip user said; “The only thing that comes between you and your gun... is comfort!” AGrip’s proven design is very thin, about 1/48 of an inch, and feels great. AGrip is truly customizable to fit personal taste or purposes.

AGrip can be trimmed with sharp scissors and/or hobby knife. AGrip can be used alone, or with any other grip on the market, or used with foam padding or other fillers like rubber, plastic, wood, and others to create finger grooves, palm swells, or reshape handle ergonomics. Conforming to handle shape and texture, AGrip is simple to apply and looks great too! One admirer said; “It's a tuxedo for your gun!”

AGrip is attached with super high tech pressure sensitive adhesive. AGrip will notpeel off unless you want it to and will notleave a mess if you do. AGrip is nota "slip on" grip. AGrip will notsplit, crack, shift, or move, even on the hottest, or coldest days. AGrip is not"tacky" and will notcatch on, wear out, or otherwise upbraid your clothing. AGrip does notinterfere with the normal functioning of the gun in any way.

AGrip provides a consistent, firm, positive, non-slip grip even when wet, or with dirty, sweaty hands.

Much more can be said about this valuable shooting aid... and remember, AGrip makes a great gift!


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