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Brooks Tactical Systems - Agrip ™

Thanks for considering Brooks Tactical Systems product "AGrip™". AGrip is #1 in the world for Customer Satisfaction and Performance. We also offer an unconditional money back guarantee. Please be sure to check out our "Customer Comments" section.

We have AGrip models for most popular pistols and revolvers. If you don't see an AGrip model specifically designed for your particular application on our websites "AGrip™ Products" fit list, we do have 5x8" AGrip Sheets that you can fit and trim yourself fairly easily. We make new AGrip models based on the number and frequency of people calling and asking us for them, so please tell all your friends to let us know what they want. We also do "custom work".
And remember, AGrip makes a perfect gift!

AGrip's are available in various colors and are special order.  Custom camo patterns can be done if order quantities are large enough and are priced upon request.  Purple, blue, forest green, woodland camo, red, orange, gray, and more. Tell us what color you want... we may just have it in stock. Please contact us for availability.

We do sell direct, but we would like to encourage customers to contact their favorite dealers or our "Preferred AGrip™ Dealers" listed at our website. Each dealer sets their own prices which may be lower than ours.

If you want to order online, we have a several outstanding dealers on our Preferred Online Ordering Dealer List who offer that service. Prices may vary from dealer to dealer.

If you can't find an AGrip dealer that meets your needs, pre-cut pattern AGrip's can be purchased directly from Brooks Tactical for $29.95 per AGrip + $8.00 shipping & handling per order shipped to addresses in the USA. For world wide shipments to addresses outside the USA add $20.00 Shipping & Handling rather than $8.00.
For instance:

AGrip orders shipped to addresses WITHIN the USA are priced as follows:

• 1 pre-cut pattern AGrip would be $37.95 with S&H.
• 2 pre-cut pattern AGrip's would be $67.90 with S&H.
• 3 pre-cut pattern AGrip's would be $97.85 with S&H.

AGrip orders shipped worldwide to addresses OUTSIDE the USA are priced as follows:

• 1 pre-cut pattern AGrip would be $61.95 with S&H.
• 2 pre-cut pattern AGrip's would be $79.90 with S&H.
• 3 pre-cut pattern AGrip's would be $117.85 with S&H.

Other products & services:

• AGrip MagWraps™ come in packs of 5 MagWraps at $29.95 + S&H .
• 5X8" sheets of AGrip are $31.95 each + S&H.
• Woodland Camo or colored AGrip's add $8.00 per AGrip.
• Custom work is priced on request.

• Our "Law Enforcement Discount" is effective with an order of 6 or more AGrip's. Precut AGrip's are priced at $27.95 each, MagWraps are $27.95 per 5 pack, and 5x8" AGrip Sheets are $29.95 each
+ $8.00 Shipping & Handling per order shipped to locations in the USA,
+ USD $20.00 Shipping & Handling to locations outside the USA.

It is ok to mix Precut AGrip's with Sheet AGrip's to reach the 6 AGrip minimum.
For Woodland Camo or colored AGrip's add $8.00 per AGrip.

Fed-X shipping is available, priced on request.

Orders originating from within Washington State must include appropriate sales tax.

If you would like an exact price on your specific order, please email or call us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

We take Visa & MasterCard.

You can phone in an order at: 253-549-2866, or FAX in your order at: 253-549-2703, or if you prefer, you can send a Check or Money Order (Money Order is best as we wait for checks to clear) to the same address as on our web site:

Brooks Tactical Systems
865  9th Ave.
Fox Island, WA 98333-9676

You can Email an order in to:, but, please phone us directly at: 253-549-2866 with your Visa & MasterCard number.

Please specify what model gun(s) you wish to get AGrip on, and please tell us where you heard about AGrip.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site at, we hope it is useful to you. If there is anything you would like to see there, or if you have any questions, or suggestions for improvement, etc., please e-mail us at:

Thank you very much.

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Please feel free to contact us at:


VISA & MasterCard Accepted!

We also take checks or money orders

Sorry, no C.O.D.



Brooks Tactical Systems

865  9th Ave.

Fox Island, WA 98333-9676  USA



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"AGrip™is the most inexpensive way to increase accuracy, secure control, and improve handling, without any modifications, all in one simple and easy, unconditionally guaranteed product."
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