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"In Combat Shooting, grips of this kind are very essential."
- Col. Rex Applegate


"Agrip is the most inexpensive way to increase accuracy, secure control, and improve handling, without any modifications, all in one simple and easy, unconditionally guaranteed product."


"With Agrip, the only thing that comes between you and your gun... is comfort." - T. Elliott

Dear Brooks Tactical,

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for not only making a fine grip for a Glock but for saving my right hand.

It was a fall sunny day and I planned to go shooting at 5PM and needed to load up some rounds. It was already 1PM so that meant I needed to make haste of my time. I loaded up 100 rounds of .45 cal, and in a almost fatal error,
well, fatal to the gun, I must have doubled up the powder on one of the last rounds I made. I know that because it was on the right side of a blue reloaded ammo box which held the last rounds that I loaded that day. Anyway, later that day I'm at a friends house and we were shooting in the back yard and the sun was going down fast and I had 10 rounds left and wanted to rush to get the shots off before we lost the light.

Well I got to the double charge and the gun went KABOOM!!! It opened up everywhere it could. (See pic 1). I slammed the gun down and jumped up shaking my hands not sure what just happened.

I went back and looked at the gun laying on the table shattered into pieces except for the AGrip it held. The gun came apart, but, the AGrip held the handle together protecting my hand. The only damage to the AGrip is where the mag release broke and blasted out the right side, tearing the AGrip slightly, but amazingly it was still sticking to the AGrip.

Glock 30 ...$550.00
1 AGRIP...$28.95
Having 1 AGRIP save hands, fingers and life... PRICELESS!!

So, thanks again Brooks Tactical!


Dear Brooks,

This letter summarizes my findings and conclusions regarding your Agrip for use on the HK USP series of pistols.

I have been shooting and studying the HK USP series of pistols exclusively for the past six years, and currently own five of them, including three full size in 9mm Nato, one compact in 9mm Nato, and one full size in .40 S&W. In doing so I have evaluated many different accessories for these guns. Every once in a while I stumble across what i call a "breakthrough." That is, I find something which is characterized by two distinct points:

1. Better than anything else I have ever tried.
2. Raises my shooting to a level I never previously thought possible.

I read very carefully on your website where it said that "Agrip is only 1/32 inch thick, and can be used over a filler or palm swells." I Placed the Agrip over the Hogue Handall on my HK USP, took it to the range, and what was unquestionably THE BEST range session of my entire shooting career, which spans over 10 years. I mean that with no embellishment or exaggeration. It was, to use my terms, a true "breakthrough." The combination of the Agrip over the rubber filler & the finger-grooves of these grip sleeves and actually improves upon them in the following fashion:

1. Allows lightning fast draw. Many people criticize grip sleeves and all other grips with finger-grooves for serious law-enforcement and self-defense work because it tends to slow down the draw from the holster, as the shooter will invariably "fudge" or "fumble" the grip until he gets the perfect hold, wasting precious seconds in a crises situation. The Agrip allows the shooter to take advantage of the finger-grooves while still getting a perfect grip each draw, because it provides a much better and uniform contact surface.

2. Allows cushioned "high thumb" hold from full grip coverage. All of the grip sleeves currently on the market suffer from a very significant flaw because they do not cover the entire grip, and therefore cannot cushion the thumb if positioned high on the grip. The placement of the thumb near the top of the grip is crucial with regard to control, pointability, and accuracy, especially in one-hand and weak-hand drills. The Agrip covers the entire USP grip, and gives the shooter a cushioned platform upon which to rest the thumb, offering significantly better results.

In my opinion the Agrip is without question the best gripping surface for a rapid-fire military and law enforcement type weapon. I load my 9mm pistols with a 115-grain +P+ Nosler hollowpoint that generates 1390 fps from a four-inch barrel. This load, much, much hotter than any of the store brands, is available only via special order from a company that makes only custom ammunition. It carries impact energy greater than nearly all .40 and .45 rounds on the market, but also generates very strong recoil. The Agrip over the grip sleeve allows me to shoot this round in accurate rapid-fire one-handed in my weak hand, which is something i could never do with the naked HK grip or the Houge grip sleeve alone. This speaks volumes for the incredible control provided by Agrip, unsurpassed by anything I have seen on the market thus far.

I would very much encourage all HK USP shooters to try the Agrip, either with or without the use of a grip sleeve beneath it. As i said at the beginning of this letter, it is truly a "breakthrough." Whoever coined the phrase "never bring a handgun to a gunfight" is definitely not using this product.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Lospinoso

P.S. The MP5 Agrips you sent me were also excellent, and are currently being employed on an MP5 and an SP89. These too offer significant improvement in the handling and shooting capability of these fine weapons.


"I received the Brooks Agrip that I had ordered from you, in the mail the other day. I have installed it on my Glock M20, and it looks, and feels GREAT! When I first looked over the Installation Instructions, I was a bit overwhelmed, but then I took a DEEP BREATH, looked over the Instructions again (AND AGAIN), and installed it with NO PROBLEMS. (I did follow the Instructions 'TO THE LETTER', so I guess that 'helped'...I am one of those 'know-it-alls' who usually doesn't read the instructions, but I did make a (wise) exception in this case.). I said that I was "debating" on getting an Agrip for my Glock M27. As you know, I now have an Agrip on my Glock M27, and like the one on my Glock M20, THIS IS ONE FINE GRIP!!! It REALLY improves the "feel" of my Glocks, due to the fact that the Agrip covers the ENTIRE grip of the pistol, and feels like VELVET. THANKS for a great product." - - D. F.


"As we spoke on the phone, I would like to order another Agrip for my Glock 26... I have found your product to be better than anything that you mention in any of your ads, or in your brochure. It not only helps with my hands from sweat, but, I have found it helps with recoil. Thank you once again."

M.S. Schoen


I absolutely, positively, don't like shooting Glocks that are not equipped with AGrip. I've fired thousands of rounds through my G30 and G21, equipped with AGrip, with outstanding results. I have the AGrip installed over Hogue Handalls on two of my Glocks.

- WalterGA, GlockTalk.com

Good choice. The one I have which has seen the most use is on a G20 which I use for IPSC competition. It works very well under all conditions, (hot, cold, wet, dry). Much less slippery than the stock grip, for better control.

- Fredalso, GlockTalk.com

They are well worth the money. I tried just about everything else , slip-on, sand paper decal, rubber decal even skate board grip tape. The A-Grip is the best of all by far. You'll really love it when it get's wet. Good Luck, 44 Dan

- 44 Dan, GlockTalk.com

All you need to know about AGRIP - WWW.BROOKSTACTICAL.COM. Great product and customer service! ...No, I am not on their payroll.

- Recreational Shooter, GlockTalk.com

AGRIP is good stuff!

- G33, GlockTalk.com

Just got my Agrips today. Very nice. My brother likes his too. Thanks!

- Alogusz, GlockTalk.com

Picked up a few, like above a unique feel. So far so good, very quick service.

- Stevie, GlockTalk.com

Okay, I went to the range today and tried out my new AGrip equipped 19. I admit that I was concerned about covering both ends of the magazine release with the AGrip, although it was claimed that it both protected the release from dirt and enhanced it's operation. Well, it does. I had planned on getting an extended release and trimming it down to just the right point, but the double covering of the AGripraised the surface of the release just enough to get the feel I wanted. As for the shooting, the AGrip again did what it claimed to...it provided a rock solid, non-slip gripping surface that allows a more relaxed grip, with attendant tighter groups, even in rapid fire and double taps. My new 19 was shooting great without the AGrip, and now, it's shooting almost embarassingly well. FWIW, the weather today at the outdoor range was snow and cold...a tough test to be sure! Long story short, I can't imagine not using one on a Glock now. I want an AGrip precut to fit my S&W 696! Thanks Brooks!

- SAMTU, GlockTalk.com

Just got my AGrip yesterday, and I'd like to point out that the gentleman I spoke to at Brooks LIED TO ME!!! He said it would take 15 minutes to install and it ONLY TOOK 5!!! and most of that was reading over the instructions before I started. That time also includes the minor trim work that was needed to fit it to my G36 (Thanks for the pointers ya'all gave me on the phone. They were very helpful). You guys can expect another order from me... My G21 is crying out for one! Great product... Fantastic customer service! Hmmm.... maybe there is something to that 10mm thing.

- LiveFire, GlockTalk.com

FWIW, I'm working on a pattern now for my 696 now, using one of their 5"x8" sheets. The Agrip carries a satisfaction guarantee... what more can you ask for? Each of us has spent money on items that sit in a sock drawer, but this isn't one of them, it's the real thing. I'm certain that if you take time to search this and other sites, you'll get consistent reports. Skevlar...others...speak up! I have *no* connection with them (him?) except as a satisfied customer.

- SAMTU, GlockTalk.com

Stopdropandroll, That is exactly the way I felt at first, after hearing more and more about it I had to give one a try. If you cant get past the fuzzy thing, dont get one. But I assure you that this grip does enhave the way it feels in your hand for the better. And it does in no way whatsoever hinder the Glocks operation at all, I like the fact that it covers the mag release on both sides still allowing it to function perfectly. For the money give it a try and see for yourself. If you want to see what it looks like check out my thread "sanded the black off my G23" and you will clearly see what the A-grip looks like if you havent already.

- JMack, GlockTalk.com

SDR- I also was a little skeptical of the "fuzzy" grips. Got one for my 30...seemed ok...the more and more I shot it I decided that all my Glocks needed to be "fuzzed". So far they are on my 19, 26, 30 and 35. My 32 is the only one that does not have the Agrip on it. I don't know why...guess I still crave that plastic feel every now and then here is a pic of my 30 and19.

- grapeshad, GlockTalk.com



- G33, GlockTalk.com

I finally installed my AGrips last Saturday and today I used my G30 in an IDPA (BUG) match. Even though the G30 is pushing the envelope as a Back Up Gun, I compete against myself anyway not against the other shooters. I can honestly say that this is the best match I have ever shot. The AGrip worked as advertised and more. It feels like velvet without any compromise in traction. The comfort level is incredible and the G30 seem to fit my hand a lot better. Had I known about AGrip a year ago, i would not have ground down my G30's grip with a Dremel mototool. If anyone is thinking about buying an AGrip, I highly recommend it.
LEGAL NOTICE: This was an unsolicited and uncompensated recommendation of a product and I have no affiliation with Brooks Tactical whatsoever.

- CarlosDJackal, GlockTalk.com

I just recently installed the Agrip on my new G17 with finger grooves. No problems with it at all and the Agrip wrapped the gun with materials to spare. I also cut holes for the mag release and the trigger housing pin with no problem, makes a big difference. It cut my shooting groups down right away.

- pklin, GlockTalk.com

The Agrips fit just fine on my 'fingergrooved' 19 and 26. And they were easy to put on.

- Cit72, GlockTalk.com

Well it's not rubber but the best grip enhancer is the Agrip. I've tried most add-on grip enhancers and the Agrip is the best.

- 44 Dan, GlockTalk.com

I second the Agrip choice. I have found much better control with the Agrip than using a "slip on" rubber grip. I found that my Hogue slip on would rotate on the gun with as little as 100 rounds. Give Agrip a strong look, it's the best thing I have found to wrap around my Glocks other than my own fingers.

- Bongo, GlockTalk.com

Believe it or not, I use the AGrip over Hogue grips, on my non-FG Glocks. I love that stuff. (AGrip, that is!)

- WalterGA, GlockTalk.com

A fourth recomendation for Agrip.

- MarkCO, GlockTalk.com

AGRIP! Ya'll mean there is other stuff out there? Seriously, I now have all 4 of my Glocks wrapped in Agrip, wouldn't think of using anything else!

- FireCop-G19, GlockTalk.com

Agrip is the way to go. I have it on my 26 and also over a Hogue on my 19. It should come with Agrip from the factory!

- 9mmMike, GlockTalk.com

I ordered my AGrips straight from the the horse's - Errrrrr I mean Brooks' direct phone line. We do not seem to have an AGrip distributor here in the Houston area. Give him a call or e-mail. He's great to deal with.

Try it - you'll like it! Seriously, not EVERYBODY likes them. I found AGrips much better than other grips I used on other guns. I had a need to increase my ability to grip the pistol & the AGrip exceeded my expectations. I will not go back.

- Aggie, GlockTalk.com

I just got my Agrip last weekend, and I can now say this is a revolutionary product. I never the my hand would feel so nice around my Glock. Another place to order them is at www.topglock.com.

- Bigwood28, GlockTalk.com

A second recommendation for topglock.com for your Agrip. Great service.

- craigz, GlockTalk.com

I had no problem with my Glocks for several years. I did not like the added bulk of any of the aftermarket grips and I had tried them all. Then I had to shoot in the rain at a GSSF event. On the Monday after, I ordered the A-Grip. No bulk, looks neat -- a pain to install, but worth it the first time it was raining.

- SWPLF, GlockTalk.com

I was very skeptical about the A-grip. I just couldn't get used to that "Velvet Elvis" look. But I kept visiting their site until I got used to it. I finally got one in the mail yesterday. It was $25.95 including shipping from topglock.com. I put it on in about 15 minutes. It leaves no sticky residue I think some people have had it react a little weird to excess solvent spills, but it dried out and stuck again. The feel and control is excellent and I'll never go back to the slick plastic frame. I didn't like the covered mag relaese (despite A-grip recommendations) and so I cut around it on both sides for a more positive lock up. The thing actually works better as my hand sweats or even if I run it under water. It doesn't dig into my side or push my grip out (and thus my muzzle into my hip) like the Hogue did. (A real cosideration for a carry gun.) A-Grip is awesome. Glocks should come with them.

- Porter-Glockwell, GlockTalk.com

I agree with the above post. I think Glock should strongly consider making Agrip a standard feature or factory option on all models. I was very hesitant to try them at first because I wasn't real fond of the velvet look, but once I tried one I was hooked!!!

- GunslingerP16, GlockTalk.com

Finally got Agrips on my 30 and boy! how did I shoot without them? They really make a difference. I've used Hogue's and various other grip enhancer's and none have ever felt this good. I can't wait to see how it feels shooting.

- leedesert, GlockTalk.com

It's orgasmic! Simply orgasmic!

- WalterGA, GlockTalk.com

Mine fit my first generation 19 perfectly and I took one off my 35 to replace it with a nifty purple one instead of the plain black one. No residue was left and, in fact, the sticky was good enough to install the "used" one on another receiver and is still stuck on to this day.

- Bongo, GlockTalk.com

I never thought that I'd want to stick an AGrip on my AR, but boy was I wrong! Brooks did my Hogue AR grip and it's REALLY nice!

- WalterGA, GlockTalk.com

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