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The Border Bandits
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July 27, 1999 Brooks Tactical Systems, I received the Brooks Agrip that I had ordered from you, in the mail today. I have installed it on my Glock M20, and it looks, and feels GREAT! When I first looked over the Installation Instructions, I was a bit overwhelmed, but then I took a DEEP BREATH, looked over the Instructions again (AND AGAIN), and installed it with NO PROBLEMS. (I did follow the Instructions "TO THE LETTER", so I guess that "helped"...I am one of those "know-it-alls" who usually doesn't read the instructions, but I did make a (wise) exception in this case.). THANKS for a great product. I am debating on ordering an Agrip for my Glock M27... ---Dann in Aberdeen, WA ("glockman99" on "Glock Talk"...the place where I discovered your product.). (PS...You can find "Glock Talk" at: www.glocktalk.com (or) ericcom.com/glocktalk/ ). I am going there now to post a message on how pleased I am with my "new" Agrip!. Bye. Dann Fassnacht e-mail: glockman99@hotmail.com glockman99@yahoo.com





View comments page 1 2 3 4 5

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